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The London eye

From Nondumiso Hlwele:

In the past six days in the UK; London, North London, ArtsAdmin offices and Cambridge, streets of London at night with Chief Dawethi and his wife Gill Lloyd, staying at Nikki Tomlinson’s house with her partner, from taking a tour of London and seeing tourist sights like the London Eye, and a boat ride with excited and pleased Andrew.

Let me say, London has been beautiful and amazing, from looking at the vintage buildings with so much history and the latest building designs and excitement for the Olympics and Paralympics. We are now with Tim and Rachel at their beautiful home after a long ride from a wonderful, unforgettable, amazing experience in Cambridge at the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, from showing our film and artworks with Rachel and the Bambanani.

It has been a wonderful shared journey with my colleague Thobani “The strong man of Khayelitsha”.

We are now looking forward sharing the next trip, in August-September with Bongiwe “The African Beauty”.

Thanking everyone who has come to hear our stories and to admire our art works, to give support as friends, and as family and as colleagues. Wishing Unlimited Global Alchemy all the best and I believe that God has His hand in this project, it will prosper because God’s plan is not to harm us, but to see us prosper and having a great future.

It has been beautiful, an overwhelming 6 days in London, we had an amazing opening of the UGA exhibition, film showing and discussion, and the premier showing of our beautiful work with Rachel at  Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, Cambridge, on the 22 June 2012 as part of the Cultural Olympiad London 2012 Festival.

Posted by Rachel Gadsden, 02:06pm 24/06/12


07:08pm 02/08/19


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03:06pm 24/06/12

Naomi Duffree

Nondumiso, it was a pleasure to meet you and Thobani in Cambridge on Friday. Many congratulations to you and Rachel for a life affirming project! I am so pleased that you and Rachel have become friends. She is a very special, talented woman and I hope this project continues to gather support and help make a difference to people's lives.

Safe travels home - and look forward to seeing you in September at the Southbank.

With love Naomi.

03:06pm 24/06/12

Penny Cronin

I'm delighted the global alchemy project has come to such very well deserved fruition and recognition. It highlights the courage, determination and talent of some special people. Congratulations!

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