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Luke Jennings "Observer" review

As I come up to catch my breath with the final day of the Unlimited London 2012 Festival at the South Bank today here is a review from Luke Jennings "Observer" from Wednesday's performance at the Purcell Room, Queen Elizabeth Hall.

A million thanks, and huge respect and gratitude to all the extraordinary artistic collaborators who created the UGA performance with me, and to Producers, Artsadmin.

Athina Valha: Co - director and choreographer
Collaborating performers: Dr Sarah Chin & Freddie Opoku-Addaie
Sound artists: Chas de Swiet and Paul Gundry
Lighting Designer: Michael Mannion
Designer & Production Manager: Mamoru Iriguchi
Rehearsal Director: Susan Sentler
Voice coaching: Mary Ann Hushlak
Movement coaching: Susan Sentler and Emma Redding
Sound operator: Michael Sowby
Producer: Artsadmin

Posted by Rachel Gadsden, 12:09pm 09/09/12


10:05am 24/05/18

Liubov Nikonets

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