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I am Ntombizodwa Somlayi, I am 41 years old this year of 2011. I have one child boy have 21 years old. I living with openly and free with HIV/AIDS. I was diagnosed when I was sick for TB in...


Posted by , 21st October, 2011

Walking Home

Tonight I walked home on my own. Nothing much, just a 5-minute stroll up the hill from the Olympia café, a place much like many in Hackney East London from which I often walk home. I avoided...

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Posted by Rachel Gadsden, 21st October, 2011

Here is my picture

Read my blog below, but here is my picture.

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Posted by Rachel Gadsden, 20th October, 2011

Thobani the man with his own mind

In 1997 when I was diagnosed HIV+ I was 26 years and my son was 1 year and 11 month. Many people in my community already knew that I will not make it  just because the nurse who...

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Posted by , 20th October, 2011

When the painting stops

And wasn't I the lucky one, Nondumiso and the Bambanani live in South Africa, so when the painting day ends, this is what we get a chance to see! 

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Posted by Rachel Gadsden, 17th October, 2011

Painting together!

It made sense that our first work would be created together, a group of survivors reaching out to share our stories. Zodwa kept us all entertained with her never ending sense of fun and humour as we...

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Posted by Rachel Gadsden, 17th October, 2011

Meeting Rachel

My first meeting with Rachel was wonderful and beautiful, our meeting point was at the waterfront, I thought it would be easier for her and her husband to meet us there because it was straight...

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Posted by Rachel Gadsden, 14th October, 2011


Sobeit Studio is located in Muizenberg. During 1880 to 1930 this coastal town evolved from what was nothing more than a motley settlement of shacks and farmhouses into the premier holiday resort in...

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Posted by Rachel Gadsden, 11th October, 2011

Meeting my Sisi Nondumiso

It happened at Cape -Town Waterfront, with Table Mountain standing tall behind us. We both cried with joy, it was inevitable really..... 16 months before I had stood in front of Nondumiso's painting...

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Posted by Rachel Gadsden, 10th October, 2011


Sobeit Studio Nondumiso Hlwele, the Bambanani Group and I will be setting up studio at the Sobeit Studio in Muizenberg from 10th October. We will be blogging regularly and sharing the Residency...

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Posted by Rachel Gadsden, 2nd October, 2011