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Nikki Tomlinson


Nikki Tomlinson ~ Producer

Nikki Tomlinson is Artists Advisor & Producer with Artsadmin, managing a range of artistic development programmes and producing projects including Unlimited Global Alchemy, and curating permanent new installations for the Town Hall Hotel in East London with Manick Govinda. She manages Artsadmin's Artists' Bursary Scheme, curates the Weekenders series, and works with several hundred artists each year through one-to-one advisory sessions. She has longterm advisory and producing relationships with Stacy Makishi, Mamoru Iriguchi and Florence Peake. She is a choreographer, performer and outside eye; recent work includes Plainsong (2009-10), a duet with the cellist Hannah Marshall and Folk Dance (2007-8), a performance installation made during a residency at La Caldera in Barcelona. She has shown work in the UK and in San Francisco, Barcelona and Gran Canaria and regularly performs in other artists' work; in the past year she has performed with Jennet Thomas, Rosemary Lee, Florence Peake and Augusto Corrieri and assisted Mamoru Iriguchi as dramaturg. Nikki is a Trustee of Dance Art Foundation and a member of the SPACE Supporting Performing Arts Circulation in Europe Programme.