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Nondumiso Hlwele


Nondumiso Hlwele ~ Lead International Collaborator

Nondumiso Hlwele is a South African artist and activist. Hlwele creates body maps, life-sized images that trace the contours of the painter’s body to articulate the impact of HIV/AIDS.

 Hlwele Body Map artworks have been exhibited in Cape Town, London, Ontario and Vancouver Canada and at David Krut Projects in New York and at the Archeology and Anthropology Museum, Cambridge. The touring exhibition has since moved to UNCTAD at the United Nations and continues to travel across the USA and Europe. 

In 2010 Hlwele was invited to Vancouver as a major contributor for the INBODY: MOA Global Dialogue International Symposium at the Museum of Anthropology, Vancouver. The Winter Olympic 2010 Games provided the ideal opportunity to explore expectations and definitions of the body. Nondumiso Hlwele was one of three women whose figures and life stories in mosaic grace the Medical School’s library wall in Cape Town.